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Description of the book:

Each day seems to be the same and maybe monotonous until we look back and realize that things have changed or maybe it was just a matter of time. Do you see the growth or does the world seem to be upside down? Being in silence, there are various thoughts and emotions that are trapped in one’s minds. And surely there are times when they are unable to take the form of words. “खामोशी के अल्फाज” or "Words of Silence" is a poetry book where the thoughts and emotions are interwoven in the expression of the ineffable.

“खामोशी के अल्फाज” or "Words of Silence"

  • Author Name: Apeksha Pramod Gaonkar
    About the Author: Apeksha Pramod Gaonkar lives in Karwar, a city in Karnataka. She is an amateur writer who discovered her passion for writing by sheer accident and finds solace in doing so. On the process of learning to embrace the twists and turns of life and being on the voyage of self-discovery, she lands up in the wonderful space full of words. Wandering around with her thoughts, she spends time to bring them all together and they turn out to be a collection of poetry. She enjoys reading books, listening to music and being in touch with nature. She can be connected at


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