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Description of the Book:

कह सकता हूँ कि पढ़िये इसमें भी प्यार मोहब्बत, दुःख दर्द, तड़प बिछड़न वाली कविताएँ हैं। पर ऐसा है नहीं। इस किताब में कविताएँ, असल में, हैं ही नहीं। 
दिमाग जो मशीन की तरह लगातार, हर वक़्त चलता रहता है उससे रिसने वाले धुएँ और कालिख को कागज़ पर उतार दिया है। अब आप चाहो तो इसे कविता कह सकते हो।
पर ये कविताएँ हैं नहीं। ये कुछ और हैं। शायद...

अंत बनाम समाप्त!

  • Author Name: Nikhil Mrida
    About the Author: Nikhil, a 35 years old human, in the body of a 25ish years old man with a soul of 55 years old woman. No, he is not a transgender, he is, physically, biologically and orientationally a man (he/him) but spiritually, he believes that every soul is both male and a female and none. He thinks that there can be no human being who is only one of them. He believes that every human is a God, in itself. To be a God, one needs to be complete. To be complete, one needs to have all and none. Professionally, a teacher; he doesn't consider himself a 'writer' per say because he doesn't write poems. His poems are created on their own, they have their own life. He believes that Poems are sentient. He, just, is a medium to bring those poems into the world outside. In this book, the poems which you will find, are not written by him; they are born. He has just spilt them on these papers. So, enjoy.... if you may!
    Book ISBN:  9782137175226


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