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Description of the Book:

The book अलफाज़ is written by Vishalakshi pandey. She is just 18 years old. The way she expresses her words is very impressive. This book is collection of poems. The poems written in the books describe the incident of life. After reading the book readers will get happy.


  • Author Name: Vishalakshi Pandey
    About the Author: The author vishalakshi pandey belongs to haldwani uttarakhand. She is 18 years old and currently is the college student. She is writing poem since 6 years. She has wrote 7 books as a co author and one self published book name ( safar). Which is available on the link given below:? She has also been awarded with indian inspiring women award and achiever of the year award. She is very much passionate about writing..
    Book ISBN: 9780278057401


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