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Description of the Book :


This book contains poems depicting a variety of emotions that a person goes through while undertaking this journey called life.. Life is not a destination to be reached but it is a journey whose path is to br remembered. Many times people when they undergo various emotions , some are able to express it aptly in a proper manner while some people are not able to express at all. Therefore the emotions remain hidden inside and therefore the title अनकही बातें

अनकही बातें

  • Author's Name :  Achal Mogla

    About the Author :  Achal Mogla is an author and an avid reader by heart. He belongs from Ahmedabad Gujarat, born in the milk town of Anand and now settled in Agra - Taj Mahal City of India. He has released three of his books with the latest one being released recently & you won't like to miss the splendid messages that he delivered. His first book Salt and Pepper has touched hearts with his romantic short stories. His second book The Revival was a book written for young minds. He has participated in about 25+ anthologies till now. Being a hobbyist reader and writer, Achal Mogla has written over 300+ poems and proses for his reader audience and you can read them through his social media channels. Achal Mogla has done his B.Tech in Dairy Technology from SMC College of Dairy Science and he has done post-graduation in Management with specialisation in Human Resources from Symbiosis School, Pune. He loves interacting with people and meeting new people. He is crazy about reading books and he has a huge collection of books.Apart from reading novels, he is fond of watching movies, is a foodie by nature and loves hanging out with friends He started writing as a hobby but gradually it turned out to be passion. Writing motivates him as it helps him to de-stress and become s more calm person . He is also a certified Handwriting Analyst.

    Book ISBN :  9781005250850
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