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Description of the Book:


यह लम्हें हमारे ज़माने के है , जहा प्यार खामोश होठों से बयां होता है
ख्वाबों में जिस प्यार को कभी सजोया होता है , हकीकत में उसका न मिलना , यादों को अधुरा बनाता है
फिर उस शख्स की मुस्कुराहट, बातें, एहसास बस दिल में बसी रह जाती है

यह किताब भी उसी अधूरेपन को दर्शाता है, जिसे दिल आज भी भूलने की कोशिश करता है
इस किताब के हर पन्ने में एक एहसास है , जिसे कभी न बोल पाने का गम है

अधूरी यादें

SKU: 9789363313736
  • Author's Name: Surabhi Khare Srivastava

    About the Author: Surabhi Khare Srivastava is an exciting new voice in literature, captivating readers with her debut work, "अधूरी यादें". Her unique and expressive style, influenced by her father's way of conveying emotions, sets her apart. From a young age, Surabhi has been inspired by life's experiences to pour her heart into her writing. Surabhi’s time away from home and her meaningful connections have taught her how to deeply feel and uniquely express her emotions. She finds joy in translating her feelings into words, sharing thoughts she wishes she could say to someone. Follow Surabhi on Instagram @surabhikharesrivastava and join the conversation with #writer_ambivert to be part of her captivating literary journey.
    Book ISBN: 9789363313736
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